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Institute for National Strategy

From the President of INS

Thank you for visiting the INS website.

INS is a new Mongolian based and focused NGO seeking to influence a range of audiences with the sole aim of improving economic and social outcomes in Mongolia.

The board of directors and the supporters of INS want to raise the level of discussion and debate on issues of economic management and the political process where that impacts on economic outcomes.

We feel that the level of discussion in the parliament and by the political parties does not effectively convey to the Mongolian constituencies the policies that are being pursued, and the logic behind these policies.

In many democracies the parliamentary process and the election process is focused on very clear articulation of policies and their underlying philosophies. Indeed, elections are fought on policy differences and the electorates make up their voting decisions based on these (often) different positions and the performance of the governing party in delivering its policy platform.

We also believe that there is a current need to help educate the public on these types of matters – and that through this Mongolia will have an even stronger democratic process whereby questioning of parliament can occur during the parliamentary term and not just during the election period.

Importantly – INS is not seeking to be a political party or to be partisan in its approach. But it does recognize that critical decisions are made at the political level and in a democracy it is important for the political process to be influenced by those affected by those decisions.

The INS approach is to use highly credible authors to write on the critical issues. We are not asking them to make political judgments but rather to explain the issues at play. INS may, in its postscript and where necessary, talk about the positions being taken by political groups where that is relevant to the topic at hand.

We also want to enhance the working between the arms of government and the business associations – in a constructive manner. So far we have enjoyed strong encouragement from leaders in both spheres.

I would also like to see INS provide better “regular” economic coverage on the key leading and lagging indicators of economic health and performance. I think there is a silent but strong wish from the non-economists amongst us for this to be presented in a way that is more easily understood.

This is something we will work on in the coming months. And finally we will continue to develop our website so that it becomes a pivot point for those wishing to know where to go to get to the great pieces of work and information sources that exist, but which are not easy to find.

I look forward to your feedback and e trust you enjoy the Article series and the resources that will be available through our website.

With Kind Regards

Cameron McRae

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