What INS does?

INS seeks to fill Mongolia’s gap in public policy debate on strategic development and economic management based on rigorous and unbiased research and by working with leading edge Mongolian and international thinkers. 

Importantly, all business associations in Mongolia endorse the need to collaborate and effectively challenge strategic thinking on the business environment and Mongolia’s economy. 

Specifically, the institute aims to

  • Provide regular commentary via an article series on critical issues facing Mongolia
  • Provide input into long term strategic development planning
  • Stimulate higher levels of public debate on critical and current policy matters

The INS article series will appear twice monthly, with pieces written by international and Mongolian experts. These articles will highlight a problem statement, the author’s response and an INS opinion.

INS operates with financial support from NCPSS (National Council for Private Sector Support) and SkyPath Partners and is endorsed by all major business associations and the President of Mongolia. Its founding board members are senior business and academic leaders with strong relationships both inside Mongolia and abroad.