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    04 Sep 2015
    INS seeks to fill Mongolia’s gap in public policy debate on strategic development and economic management based on rigorous and unbiased research and by working with leading edge Mongolian and international thinkers. Importantly, all business associations...
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Cameron Mcrae

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When Tuvshinbayar damaged his knee at the 2012 London Olympics I was sad, but I admired how he still competed for the gold, despite having very little chance, and risking long term injury. He had won gold in 2008, but I think that moment in 2012 was more significant to me.

At that time it made me proud to be in Mongolia, to realize that Mongolians could match it with the best in the world. But it also reminded me how fickle life can be. Gold medals have to be earned in all contests, and especially the final contest. Read more 


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